Association Corse d'AutoDialyse

Welcome to our website : ACORSAD - A Self-Care Dialysis Association
in Southern Corsica


Our center provides self-care dialysis, throughout the year, for local patients as well as out-of-town visitors, both individuals and groups, in need of treatment during their stay in Corsica. Sessions are available Monday through Saturday.

Our qualified medical, paramedical and administrative staff will greet and assist you, ensuring your needs are met in a comfortable, friendly and serene atmosphere.   We uphold a consistently high standard of service and care.

We boast state-of the art equipment and can guarantee optimal hygiene and safety conditions. You may contact our Administrative Service directly at: +33 4 95 29 96 75.   Staff will answer your questions and help you make all your arrangements.

The Association

ACORSAD - was founded in 2001 as a result of an initiative of the Dialysis department at Ajaccio’s hospital complex.  It enabled the latter to develop alternatives to in-center hemodialysis, with simplified and more flexible arrangements for self-care dialysis (assisted or not) and peritoneal dialysis (home). PD home dialysis concerns mostly out of town patients who cannot easily commute to a dialysis center.

ACORSAD’s mission is the care and treatment of Terminal Chronic Renal Failure with extra-renal purification.

Our offices are located on the premises of Eugenie Hospital, an annex of Ajaccio’s hospital complex. ACORSAD is a private, non-profit healthcare center, and as such, applies the same rigorous medical procedures and is subject to the same official controls as hospitals (Certification by France’s Higher Health Authority). On the other hand, the record results about nosocomial infections are : 92/100 (control of the spread of multi-resistant bacteria) and 53/100 (activities to combat nosocomial infections).

If necessary, dialysis patients can be admitted to Ajaccio’s hospital complex because of the existing Cooperation and Hospitalization Agreement between them and ACORSAD. 

From its founding to the end of 2014, ACORSAD completed about 44,000 self-care dialysis sessions and treated more than 32 patients on peritoneal dialysis.

ACORSAD is subsidized by the Primary Health Insurance Fund and various mutual benefits organizations.